February 15, 2007

I want to throw you out into space

So I heard there's this YouTube thing, and you can, like, watch videos and shit. Who knew?

Once and for all, here is the song that my fake name is based on. The video's pretty bad, and they cut off the very beginning of the song, but there it is.

And while you're here, I'll take the time to push my most favoritist band in the whole world, the Trashcan Sinatras.

How Can I Apply...?

And here's Weightlifting. You might remember I posted the lyrics to this song a while back. I know you've been waiting all this time to hear the actual song, so here it is.

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On 2/16/2007 9:27 AM, Blogger HistoryDetective said:

OK, I probably wouldn't have tracked those down on my own, but I liked them, especially the last one. Thanks!

On 2/16/2007 9:49 AM, Blogger Dweeze said:


You Tube posting is so lame.


On 2/16/2007 11:31 PM, Blogger gothmog said:

Wow. Dolly Parton has sure aged.


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