January 31, 2005

I'm sorry, what country do I live in, again?

Apparently, the FCC's recent rampage has put such fear into the hearts of the broadcast media that Budweiser is too afraid to run an ad spoofing last year's Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction fiasco. It seems ridiculous to be afraid of being fined not for showing a boobie, but for merely conjuring up the idea of one, but there you go. Can you really blame Bud for being afraid, after all the bullshit the FCC has pulled recently?

And then, in other news, ExI tells us that nowadays, it's trendy for high school students to think the first amendment is quaint.


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On 2/01/2005 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

At least on the plus side, the rage from reading that article gave me an idea for my paper in Law & Education (i.e. trashing the Hazelwood decision and the subsequent cases that allowed schools to choose between which viewpoints students can express in school papers).

But it's a small silver lining. And the Bud ad thing is just silly beyond words.



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