February 23, 2005

There are no words

Karl Rove as political heartthrob.

(Although, psssst, Newsweek, this is satire. But I still feel dirty for having looked at it.)

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On 2/23/2005 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thanks so much for providing me with my nightmare tonight. Will this be a daily service?


On 2/24/2005 12:08 AM, Blogger Jolene said:

So I take it you won't be having any private briefings with Mr. Rove?

Think about that for a minute. Karl Rove. Briefing. Just to make your nightmares extra disturbring.

(And no, I don't know why I'm making myself think about these things, either. I guess I'm just masochistic like that.)

On 2/24/2005 3:49 PM, Blogger Dweeze said:

You should feel dirty. Because you are a dirty girl. A dirty, dirty girl.

Wait. That's me...

On 2/25/2005 11:46 AM, Blogger Jolene said:

You're a girl?

On 2/25/2005 11:46 AM, Blogger Jolene said:

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