January 05, 2005

Did you miss me?

Hey there. I am back. It was too short, but it is an immutable law of nature that all vacations are too short, so what are you gonna do?

Anyway, I had fun. I learned that martinis are not the ideal drink to consume when one is in a large crowd and moving around quickly. I also learned that when you have no alcohol tolerance, chugging a martini just to keep it from spilling all over you may not be the best idea. I chose Mitt Romney over Ted Kennedy in an extremely uncomfortable game of political Death Is Not An Option, but only if he kept his mouth shut, and I was allowed to punch him in the face afterwards. In an attempt to become more girly, I bought a super-fantastic $400 Coach bag for the low, low price of $160 at the Coach outlet. In less-girly action, I saw a pretty good game between the Seahawks and Falcons. Happily, I was not blown out of the upper deck. Interestingly, I learned sitting up in the nosebleeds, but on the side of the field, you still have a better view than when sitting close to the field, but in the end zone. I'm sure anyone who's ever been to more than two football games could have told you that, but whatever.

Finally, I visited the fine land of Canada and narrowly avoided causing an international incident when we lied to the border patrol agents about not having "groceries" in our car (just a couple of apples, but still, not technically "nothing"). My friend, who is generally a smart person, said we had to eat the apples before we got to the border, which is all well and good, except she never bothered to say we should throw out the apple cores. If they have rules about bringing produce across the border, I sort of think they would apply to the cores, even if, for all practical purposes, the apples had been "eaten."

The weather sucked, but since it was a visting-friends kind of vacation and not a lounge-around-on-the-beach kind of vacation, I can't really complain too much about that.

I miraculously suffered no major travel-related inconveniences, which was a new experience. I even had the good fortune to not only have a moderately cute guy sitting next to me on the plane over, but to also have him start talking to me. That NEVER happens. Unfortunately, he turned out to be kind of dull, and I am not the kind of person who can carry a conversation on my own, especially not for five hours, so, you know, awkward. Sigh.

I sort of feel like I have an obligation to be serious and talk about the tsunami disaster in something more than the flippant tone of the previous post. I kind of feel like a shallow asshole for going on about martinis and football and spending $160 on a fucking purse, and while I may actually be a shallow asshole, it doesn't mean I want you to know that. On the other hand, I often get accused in real life of being too serious about everything, so I don't know.

What can you really say? I mean, yeah, it's sad. Really sad. But can you do much else besides give money and/or talk about how sad it is? One thing I'm glad about is that by being on vacation for most of the last week, I've been able to avoid most of what I'm sure was the all-tsunami, all-the-time news coverage. I was watching the Today Show yesterday morning while getting ready for work, and the bumpers to commercial were home-video footage, with no voiceover for context, of the water crashing in over everything. This all occurred right after some unrelated segment, often something stupid and fluffy like some actor promoting his latest movie. I think there's certainly a place for showing such disaster footage from a news and/or history standpoint, but they way they did it in this instance seemed really sensationalistic and crass. I can't even imagine what the coverage must have been like on the cable news stations. It probably would have driven me nuts very quickly.

Anyway. Nice way to end this post on a depressing note, but oh well. I hope you all had nice holidays.

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