August 04, 2005

Be young, have fun, taste Major Disaster

I was just thinking I needed a new slogan anyway, so Dweeze's Sloganizer link came at the perfect time.

I think this new one works really well. It reaches out to the young people (as we all know, they are the prized demographic for advertisers), it recalls the previous title of this blog, and it's not dirty at all (that's important to me; I'm running a clean blog here).



On 8/05/2005 8:25 AM, Blogger Landru said:

Where are you running the dirty one?

On 8/05/2005 10:34 AM, Blogger Dweeze said:

Do you really need me to point out how the phrase "taste Major Disaster" could be construed as dirty?

On 8/05/2005 10:50 AM, Blogger Jolene said:

Psssst, Dweeze. I know. I was going for irony there. Perhaps I need to work on my delivery.

And Landru, that's a secret. I have a reputation to uphold, you know.

On 8/05/2005 11:35 AM, Blogger Dweeze said:

Psst. Landru. I'll give you the link later.

On 8/05/2005 6:29 PM, Blogger Immunegirl said:

You know what I have been learning recently? I am not "the young people" anymore. But I STILL like the slogan, so it must be good.

On 8/08/2005 10:36 AM, Blogger Buggy said:

I'm thirsty

On 8/08/2005 12:26 PM, Blogger gothmog said:

we can't go mad anymore?

On 8/08/2005 1:52 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

Of course you can. Because really, the slogan is more of a suggestion, rather than a restriction. We pride ourselves on being all-inclusive here. As opposed to, say, if we were a conservative blog, where we would tell you that if you don't like it, you can just go find yourself another blog.

On 8/08/2005 8:46 PM, Blogger gothmog said:

Even if I like it, can I still go find myself another blog? Which reminds me. If I were named "Jenny," I'd name my blog "Jenny from the Blog." Cuz that would be pretty funny.

But I'm not named Jenny, and I'm not sure I know anyone who is. So nevermind.

On 8/08/2005 10:12 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

*snifff* Please don't leave me. I promise I'll be a better blogger.

Although I should mention that, as lame as it sounds, I am still having massive writer's block (blogger's block?) and am finding it impossible to come up with something decent to post here.

But regarding Jenny from the Blog, I'm sure I've actually seen someone use it, though I don't remember where. But otherwise, they only people I've ever heard of named Jenny are, like, little kids.

On 8/19/2005 8:29 PM, Blogger Pam said:

Buahahahaha! That link cracked me up. I had a laugh riot with my blog title. LOLOL! Thanks Jo!


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