June 09, 2005

You know if I leave you now, it doesn't mean that I love you any less

Hey. Hi. How's it goin'?

You might have noticed a serious dearth of posts lately. I've noticed too. But here's the thing. I've always been busy. I've always been sleep-deprived. But now? Things have reached a whole new level. As a direct result, the motivation to expend mental energy on anything other than certain life obligations is rapidly waning. I predict that the circumstances precipitating this state will last, oh, about two months (just a hunch).

And yeah, I know, I should just cut and paste one of the fifty other posts where I've written almost exactly the same thing. Broken record and all that. Whatever. Don't judge me.

Anyway, what this all means for you, the reader, is that it's possible I may not post at all between now and August. But it's also possible I might. I don't know.



On 7/30/2005 8:26 PM, Anonymous Wheeze said:


This news makes me sad as I am your faithful reader. But you must do as you must do.

Don't go totally missing though, k?

06.09.05 - 1:35 pm

On 7/30/2005 8:27 PM, Anonymous Dweeze said:

I am a more faithful reader than Wheezy. And I? I will miss you.

06.09.05 - 2:25 pm

On 7/30/2005 8:28 PM, Anonymous Iggy said:

Boooo. I'll definitely miss you. If you don't write anything, then what will I have to read? Please don't make me resort to Nature.

06.09.05 - 2:29 pm

On 7/30/2005 8:29 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

Don't worry. I'll still be around. I'm just finding that I'm having a hard time getting myself to be much more than a passive participant in these here internets.

06.09.05 - 2:34 pm

On 7/30/2005 8:30 PM, Anonymous ExI said:

So you're hating this already too, right?

And penne a la vodka? What the hell did that have to do with anything??

And if you don't know what I'm talking about...but I'm pretty sure Jolene does...then just ignore me. :)

On 7/30/2005 8:30 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

Oh yeah. There certainly found some odd people for this thing. By the way, I need to email you.

On 7/30/2005 8:31 PM, Anonymous pooh said:

everyone else is being all understanding and shit - but this is the deal: if you quit the blog thing, I will seriously kick your ass. I live vicariously through you, a truly cosmopolitan wonder girl. I am a middle-aged mom in the middle of nowhere and I need you to keep me within shouting distance of cool. So write. So there.

06.10.05 - 5:17 pm

On 7/30/2005 8:32 PM, Anonymous Dweeze said:

Et tu, Pooh? Et tu?

06.10.05 - 5:28 pm

On 7/30/2005 8:33 PM, Anonymous Wheeze said:

Shit, I think Pooh just declared middle-age on me.

At least I'm not as old as True and Buggy.

06.11.05 - 7:55 am

On 7/30/2005 8:34 PM, Anonymous Pam said:

I heard that Wheezy. *scowls, but not too much as to cause wrinkles*

Gee Pooh, if you're middle age what does that make ME? Stop that right now, you are beyond cool. Take it from me, an over the hill frump. Hahaha.

However, I do agree with you, and will join you in the kicking of Jolene ass if she disappears from this space for too long.

06.11.05 - 9:01 am

On 7/30/2005 8:35 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

Okay, first of all, I am neither cool nor cosmopolitan.

Second, I adore you all, and don't ever forget that.

Third, I left open some possibility of posting a little - I just didn't want you all to think if I didn't, that I'd gone and died or something.

Fourth, this thing that is sapping all my creative energy will absolutely be over by the end of July, and I'm not saying maybe, or I hope it will. It's a fixed date that I can't change. So I promise after that, I will definitely be back. :)

06.11.05 - 2:06 pm

On 7/30/2005 8:35 PM, Anonymous Pam said:

Awww, sorry you're being sapped right now, Jo. Doesn't sound like any fun at all. Pop in when you can, we'll be here for you whenever you need us. *hugs*

06.12.05 - 12:14 pm


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