June 01, 2005


I have never heard of these things before. I must have them.

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On 7/30/2005 7:15 PM, Anonymous Iggy said:

They are absoultely wonderful inventions, I must admit. The only thing to watch out for is that I seem to remember that they are sized funny. Or else I have funny-sized feet. Something like that.

06.01.05 - 11:56 am

On 7/30/2005 7:18 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

You must tell me where to buy them.

06.01.05 - 12:43 pm

On 7/30/2005 7:18 PM, Anonymous Iggy said:

Hmmm. I think that most sock-selling establishments have them. I think I got mine at the GAP.

06.01.05 - 2:33 pm

On 7/30/2005 7:19 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

Ooh, I will have to check them out. I never go to the Gap anymore, because nothing there ever fits me properly. But socks (or, rather, not-socks) are hopefully a different story.

06.01.05 - 4:19 pm

On 7/30/2005 7:20 PM, Anonymous Wheezy said:

Do they make not-socks for thongs? (the sandals, not the undies)

06.03.05 - 12:34 am

On 7/30/2005 7:21 PM, Anonymous Pam said:

I believe I have some of those, got them at Target. Only problem is, they sometimes slide down the heel. Sortof annoying.

Oh Wheezy, I bet someone does make a thong sock. I know they have little half socks for clog type shoes.

06.03.05 - 9:20 am


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