May 05, 2005

One sick fuck

There's been a lot of Lynndie England in the news lately, but I hadn't heard much about Charles Graner, other than the basic details - that he was the father of her baby, that he was in prison, and that he was the one who just derailed her guilty plea by saying she was following orders. But wow, this is one scary guy. Sending your own kids pictures of yourself torturing people, and saying how cool it is? That is seriously messed up. His ex-wife had obtained three court protective orders against him. It's just really sad and scary that someone with that kind of personality was allowed into the military.

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On 7/30/2005 2:51 PM, Anonymous Badger said:

and how lovely that he was a prison guard stateside, before trying his hand at the job overseas.

makes me sick to think of all the stuff that goes on in prisons in this country.

05.06.05 - 1:09 am


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