August 18, 2003

Priorities, Priorities

Sigh. I've been a little negligent in updating this thing, haven't I? I'd like to say I haven't had any time, and that's sort of true, but it's also kind of a lame excuse. Mostly, I've been suffering from mental exhaustion, and there's nothing better than that to turn off any creative impulses that might arise. So I apologize if you've been checking this site regularly, only to find that I never update it anymore.

I do intend to try to update it more often than a few times a month. Hell, the original reason I started the blog in the first place was for myself, to get myself to write something, even if it was just inane blathering. So if I neglect it, the first person I'm shortchanging is myself.

So do keep checking back periodically - hopefully there will occasionally be some new content here.



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