June 26, 2003

The book has arrived!

I am just a posting machine today, aren't I?

Anyway, I'm so excited! I preordered a highly-anticipated book from Amazon.com a while back, and it came a few days ago! I cannot wait to read it. The last few days were a little frustrating though, because I got an email confirmation that it had been shipped right before I had to leave to go away on business again, but the book didn't arrive until after I'd left, so I couldn't bring it with me to read on the plane.

What, did you think I was talking about Harry Potter? God, no. Add that to the never-ending list of Things I Just Don't Get.

No, no, I'm talking about Pamie's book!

I'll let y'all (wow, did I really just say "y'all"?) know what I think when I finish it, but if you want to know before then (despite the fact that I am eagerly anticipating reading it, time constraints may prevent me from doing so in any sort of timely manner), click through the link above and get yourself your own copy. If the book is any bit as entertaining as Pamie's journal, you'll definitely be getting your money's worth.

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