April 29, 2003

Spam, Spam, Wonderful Spam

It seems like all I've been posting lately is adminstrative garbage. Unfortunately, most of my creativity (yes, I have creativity, thank you) has been diverted to other pursuits, so there hasn't been much left for the blog. I hope that will change in a few weeks.

For now, though, the latest change is that I've gotten a new Hotmail account to use as the contact email for the blog. It didn't really occur to me when I first chose an address that the spammers use random name generators as a way of producing lists of addresses to send spam to. The hfgm-at-hotmail-dot-com got more spam than I've ever seen, likely because it was so short. It got to the point where real messages were getting overlooked because they got buried in all the spam.

I remembered another hotmail address I once had that was much longer (thirteen letters), and which rarely, if ever, got any spam. I thought that if I chose a new, much longer address to use for the blog, I might not get so much spam.

The new address is at the right. Time will tell if my attempt at thwarting the evil spammers is successful.

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