August 07, 2008

You don't loan your chainsaw

Words of wisdom:

He said the lender of the chainsaw wants to remain anonymous. "It's one of those things he did that he and I agreed, years later, you don't do," Banks said. "You don't loan your chainsaw."

Honestly, though, I think the greatest mystery in this whole Clark Rockefeller story is not who he really is (probably the German exchange student) or whether he killed those people in California (obviously he did, regardless of whether they can ever actually prove it), but how on earth he fooled a senior partner at McKinsey, a woman with degrees from Stanford and Harvard, into marrying him. It took her more than 12 years to figure out he was maybe not who he said he was! I mean, it's one thing to maybe not realize someone is a con artist if you're just an acquaintance, but she was married to the guy. That's pretty amazing.

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