July 11, 2006


Before moving on from memes, I thought it would be worth mentioning another one that's been floating around recently, the "needs" meme. It's where you put your name into Google with the word "needs" and then post the results you get, which are usually funny. What's even more amusing (to me, anyway) is that when you put my real name in (full or nickname version, both of which are annoyingly common), you not only get regular hits (quite a lot, as there are several very famous, very written-about people with my name out there), you get a lot of hits (actually, they are the top hits) to other blogs doing the meme. That could even be its own meme - link to other blog posts doing the meme with your same name (I almost considered doing that, but that would kind of defeat the whole anonymity thing I have going on here).

Anyway, I am done with memes now, if only because I really, really hate the word "meme," and I don't want to type it anymore.



On 7/12/2006 1:25 AM, Blogger gothmog said:

meme meme meme--you just think it's all about youm, don't youm.

On 7/17/2006 6:28 PM, Blogger HistoryDetective said:

Dammit. My enitre response was going to be "Meme, meme, meme," but gothmog ruined it! I guess I'm not good at being witty. I'll stick to lurking and reading.


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