February 18, 2005

Ho hum

The downside of knowing that people actually read this thing is that you feel a minor obligation to post on some sort of regular basis. That's hard when you go for days on end feeling exceptionally uninspired. Also when you are operating on only a few hours of sleep a night, as I was when I wrote that last post (in case you couldn't tell from its incoherence).

Dweeze said I should I should write about him, but silly Dweeze, you know I don't kiss and tell.

My life has been quite uninteresting lately (I mean, less interesting than usual), so there's not much to write about there. The most exciting thing I did this weekend was go to the store to try out the the new bed I really want to buy. I've been sleeping on the same cheap mattress I bought when I started grad school so many years ago, and now that I can actually afford it, I want a better one. Problem is, my apartment is a sty, and I need to get all the crap cleaned up before I buy it, because there's no way they could set up a new bed in the middle of all this mess.

See, that was really not very interesting, was it? I'll try harder next time.

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On 2/21/2005 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said:

Like hearing about a new bed isn't going to get Dweeze all hot and bothered. You tease, you.

oh, and? Who is the Ho, and what do you want her to Hum?

--Gothmog (as if you couldn't tell)

On 2/21/2005 9:56 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

Yeah, I probably should have known better.

I think we all know that I am the Ho. And what I hum is my business. We all have to have to have our little secrets.

On 2/22/2005 9:29 AM, Blogger Dweeze said:

Am I really that obvious?

Don't answer that...

On 2/22/2005 12:31 PM, Blogger Wheeze said:

I can't believe Jolene is a slob.

This changes everything.


On 2/22/2005 2:26 PM, Blogger Jolene said:

Wheeze, you have NO idea.

On 2/22/2005 9:33 PM, Blogger Kimmah said:

The fact that you are a slob validates me and makes me whole. The fact that you hum, too, make me love you even more.

You can always post about me when you get totally bored.


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