January 24, 2005

On winter

Just the other day, I commented to someone here at work that, while I wasn't crazy about the cold or the snow, they didn't actually bother me that much - the thing I really hate the most about the winter is the grime. See, everytime it snows, they dump several tons of sand and salt all over the streets and the sidewalks. Then the snow melts, you're left with a slushy, muddy, salty mess, and if it has snowed multiple times, the sand builds up so much that you wonder if maybe you've accidentally stumbled onto the beach. And it doesn't stay where they put it, either. No, it gets tracked everywhere - into the subway stations, into the lobby of my office building (where the floor now looks like it hasn't been cleaned in years, despite the fact that they appear to clean it almost every day), into my apartment. I've ruined several pairs of pants because no matter what shoes or boots I wear, they all kick up a nasty mud spray, and by the time I get to work, the backs of my legs are covered in mud spots. And that shit stains, you know.

But anyway, as I said above, as of a few days ago, that was my main complaint about winter - the grime. Not the snow, or the cold.

And then we got this big-ass blizzard this weekend. And I remembered that I do in fact hate the snow, and the cold.

I take the subway to work. Except it's not actually 'sub' where I get on - it's an above-ground trolley (which later goes underground and becomes part of the subway). Which means you have to wait outside for it. And because they like to torture me (I know it for sure - they have meetings where they plan how best to do it - BECAUSE THEY HATE ME), the trains always seem to take longer to get there the colder it is. This morning, I had to wait about twenty minutes for the freakin' train. I am pretty sure if anyone had touched my face, it would have shattered into a million frozen pieces.

So I'm rethinking my I-don't-hate-the-cold-so-much stance.

And the snow. Oh lord, the snow. They actually did a fairly good job clearing all the sidewalks, but given that they had almost a full day to do it, you would hope so. But anyway, here's the thing that really bugs the shit out of me. I have to cross a pretty major intersection to get to the subway from my apartment. In order to cross, you have to go over a large traffic island. They never plow this island, at least not for several days after a storm. So in order to cross the intersection, you either have to walk around the island and risk certain death from all the speeding cars, or climb through, in this case, knee-deep dirty snow (oh, it looks pretty and clean and white on top, but dig down and sure enough, you'll find all the mud). The thing that I can never figure out is that, even though they don't plow a path across the island, they do plow an outlet to the sidewalk on the other side of the street. The thing is, the only people who would use that outlet are people crossing the island. So...what's the point? I mean, either plow both or plow neither, but why do it only halfway?

I guess I shouldn't complain, though. Several apartments ago, I lived on this tiny little side street, and after this big snowstorm, they didn't plow the street for three days. Not just the sidewalk, but the actual STREET, and this in a place where snow is normal, not the kind of place where an inch of snow shuts down the entire city. Thankfully, I didn't have to drive anywhere (that happens when you don't even have a car in the first place), but I'm not sure what I would have done if I did.

Sigh. Is it springtime yet?

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On 1/24/2005 10:53 PM, Blogger Wheeze said:

"And because they like to torture me (I know it for sure - they have meetings where they plan how best to do it - BECAUSE THEY HATE ME),"

Hahahaha!! LMAO, J. I am sorry you have such a mess, though.

I don't miss the snow. But 'they're' making me go to Detroit in February. Silly grandmas and their 90th birthdays. Sheesh. It'd better not snow.



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