January 30, 2005

Jolene's movie time

People always gasp when they hear I haven't seen certain movies. As of yesterday, I finally knocked one off the list. I watched The Godfather. It was okay, I guess. To be honest, it didn't really blow me away like I was expecting it to. Maybe it's because the mafia kind of bores me. The only real reaction I had afterwards was, wow, I'd be a terrible mob wife, because I'd be all, how was your day, and he'd be all, don't ask me about my work, and I'd go, why not, and I wouldn't be able to let it go, and then he'd have me killed.

Speaking of movies, I think I've been watching too many spy movies (and/or episodes of Alias), because now when I walk down the street, I always like to pretend that the people I walk by are all undercover CIA agents, and all the service vans are full of guys with surveillance equipment, and at any moment, a massive gunfight could break out, and wouldn't that be kind of cool? Sure it would also be kind of dangerous, but I like to live on the edge.



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