April 05, 2004

It's a stupid, stupid world

I try to ignore stuff like this. I really do. I know it does me no good to get all worked up over things that really shouldn't matter that much in my life. I was good enough at conditioning myself that I can breeze through the supermarket checkout lines without muttering with contempt, "it's fewer, dammit, fewer, not 12 items or less." I barely even notice anymore.

But today I betrayed my newfound serenity when I saw the sign. I was cutting through a building to get to work, as I do every morning, and when I got to the exit, I found that it was blocked off by construction. In front of the barrier was a sign that said, "Entrance permanently closed until April 15."

Aaargh!!! Hello? "Permanent" means forever. As in, not temporary.


And now I'm all in a foul mood because of this. Nevermind that I had to backtrack and go out a different door that made my walk longer, which normally would irritate the hell out of me. No, that didn't even register, because I was so agitated over the sign.

What is wrong with me?

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