May 10, 2003

Help a girl out, won't you?

I occasionally buy CDs based on having heard a song in a TV commercial. Usually, I figure out what the song is by sticking a snippet of the lyrics from the commercial into Google. It works pretty well, as long as the commercial has enough decipherable, unique lyrics.

There's this new Michelob Light ad that has this great song that I would love a copy of. Only problem is that the song is in Spanish, and I don't know Spanish well enough to pick out any of the words. (It's actually possible it could be in Portuguese, but it's hard for me to tell. I do think it's probably Spanish.) It's sung by a woman. The commercial has a guy in a hotel hallway, and then at some point there's a woman, and she invites him into her hotel room or something, and it ends with one of them putting a tie on the doorknob.

Has anyone out there seen this commercial? More importantly, does anyone know what the name of the song is and who sings it? If you do, please email me.

Of course, with my luck, whoever sings this song will turn out to be the Spanish equivalent of Britney Spears (or Mandy Moore! Ha! Ha ha!), and I will be forever shamed by having publicly stated that I liked it. I guess there are risks with everything in life, and this is one I'll have to take.

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