March 30, 2003

As I'm sure almost everyone with a blog does, I occasionally check out other people's blogs. I like to see what they look like and what kind of stuff people post. Occasionally, I'll actually find one that I want to go back and read again.

I find most of these random blogs either through, or through the "recently updated" links on the Blogger homepage. That's also how a lot of people are finding my blog, too.

The one thing I just don't get is why so many blogs that are written in other languages have English titles. Dude, I don't speak Portuguese, okay? I can't read blogs that are in languages I don't understand, so there's no point in clicking through to them. If the blog title is "Y Tu Mama Tambien," I won't click through because I don't speak Spanish. If the blog title is "Random Bloginess," then I'll have a look (well, maybe not, because that's a stupid name). But do you see? Do you get it? It's a simple concept, really. Put the damn title in the same language you'll be posting in.

Thank you.

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